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201 Mandarin Chinese Verbs

201 Mandarin Chinese Verbs

Eugene Ching

ISBN: 9780764137617
Стр: 240
2007 г.
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Издательство: Barron's Educational Series
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От издателя:
This valuable language reference book presents 201 of the most often-used Mandarin Chinese monosyllabic verbs, with compounds and phrases for each verb. This title departs from Barron’s more typical 201/501 Verbs books in that it does not present conjugation tables. Chinese verbs cannot be conjugated because they do not change to indicate tense, person, or number. This book presents each verb, one verb per page, with both its Chinese character and its English infinitive form printed at the top of the page. Examples of common verb compounds are then presented in exemplary phrases with Chinese characters. Pronunciation for each phrase is given in the Roman alphabet (pinyin) and their meaning is given in English. The authors open this book with an enlightening introduction that explains Mandarin Chinese verb usage. They also provide extensive appendices at the end of the book, listing Chinese characters in both traditional and simplified forms.

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